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Feeling lost makes us confused and anxious, right? That overwhelming sense of the many possibilities, so much data, so many trends. When to stay on the same track and when to power off piste.


Rest easy. We’re going to help you navigate new paths to new customers and create greater traction with existing fans. We delight in ignoring the distractions, diving into the relevant details to figure out what are the important macrotrends, worthy of your attention. How can you define a target audience which is exciting to pursue? We discover fascinating insights from published sources and uncover intelligence straight from the horse’s mouth Black Beauty fans. By speaking directly to your customers we find out what makes them tick. This kind of intelligence can take your brand and your business, to new heights without literally costing the earth. We’re team Greta after all.

Check out our Womanity case study for a taster of our insights.  


We can help create that domino effect by asking the right questions to the right people from the very beginning. So if you do want to know more about what you don’t know, get in touch. 

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