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Branding - more than painting by numbers?

It’s 1984, the foil wrapping has been torn off, Madonna’s Like a Virgin is playing on my dad’s record player, a pleasant change to the Moody Blues and there in all its glory is a painting by numbers dolphin picture set. It comes complete with 6 tiny pots of sea blue acrylic paints and a new plastic brush. This is a masterpiece in the making, just follow the instructions...

If only branding were that simple. We spend some time chatting this over with Harrison Gates of Nine Worthy sans Madonna, to break it down.

The design formula

It’s tempting for people to plug in a fun font, a neat icon and hero colour into a logo generator like ‘Fiverr’ and hey presto a logo appears, on a page, on a mug, on a t-shirt. It’s cheap, it’s quick, it’s functional but does it really delve deeply enough into your core values and give you the stand out you really want?

A graphic design pro understands the importance of a completely bespoke branding toolkit which is high quality, visually-appealing, and relevant to the business or brand that it’s representing. Understanding the importance and benefits of graphic design professionals ensure your next project is a success, regardless of the industry you’re in. Us graphic designers have an in-depth knowledge of various design topics including typography, white space, responsive design, and even colour theory. It’s where art meets science if you like...

We spend years working in design and culture, learning to generate stunning, captivating, and engaging designs for clients. With a true understanding of consumers and the latest trends in design, we’re able to captivate audiences while creating a positive image for any type of business or brand.

While things aren’t monochrome or even black and white when it comes to design there are some compelling reasons why a highly skilled human with a vivid imagination is the answer.

6 tips for design success

1. The Brief - Nothing more liberating than a tightly written brief. So do make it crystal clear on who your target audience is, what your brand values are, show and tell the look and feel that you think works for you. A competent and conscientious designer will help you along with this and create something that will work with your business' needs and what you’re trying to communicate.

2. How to get to great design, as we all know this can be a highly subjective:

  • Form - experiment with colour, geometry, perspective and scale

  • Type and image - explore lettering, numbers, visual puns and illusion

  • Multi-media - play with paper art, motion design, collage

  • Communication - every layout should tell a story in a tone that fits the brand

  • Borrow from history - from the great masters to the modernists, mixing of established styles can lead to something new

3. Semiotics - google it.

4. Spend time researching your competitors and what will make you different and distinctive.

5. Test your top 5 on your target audience, your friends and family to understand how they are reading it and most importantly, can they read it?

6. Accessible - make it accessible so anyone can experience it.

If you have a branding challenge or ideas you’d like to bounce around with us don’t hesitate to drop us a line. If you need some inspiration, check out the epic Seas of Norway case study.

Melissa Fretwell, Founder of White Camino

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