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Every business has a great story to tell, it’s just how you tell it right?

What if you could tell your story in a multi-sensory way? Why that would be something. We got just a little bit excited about the prospect of collaborating with Natural Beauty & Fragrance Expert, Author, Teacher and elderflower cordial lover, Karen Gilbert. If you have ever harboured a desire to create your own bespoke fragrances for friends or for business, check out her online courses here.

As lifelong fans of natural artisan perfumery, we can personally vouch for the sheer joy they deliver.

If a picture tells a thousand words then a scent must tell a million. Scents are the only sensations that travel such a direct path to the emotional and memory centres of the brain. When you think of this in terms of branding, it’s a powerful addition to the standard audio visual toolkit. If your business just so happens to be a natural beauty product or perfume then the scope for stories to unfold, are seemingly never ending, like Alice down the rabbit hole. Creative bliss.

On the 18 June at 4pm BST (GMT +1) our founder, Melissa Fretwell will sharing a free masterclass drawing on her knowledge and creativity from far too many years of storytelling at UKTV and Channel 4, to explain how to transform the thing you are selling into a brand that finds a place in the hearts of your consumers.

If you’re curious about how you can build your brand narrative to guide all your marketing decisions then this could be heaven sent. Discover different ways to tell your story tailored to the media your target consumer loves. Buckle up, we’re on for one heck of a fragrant ride!

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