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How to never run out of brilliant ideas

We spoke to the excellent people at Startups Magazine about this very thing. At White Camino we’re huge fans of challenger brand thinking, whatever market you’re in and even if you’re number one, keep behaving like a challenger. Leading with your ideas and having a distinctive voice are vital. After far too many years of working in the entertainment industry telling stories about erm... stories, has given us plenty of experience of dreaming up pipelines of great ideas.

To get things started we spoke to a few of our compadres to gather some of their pearls. Harrison Gates, graphic design supremo of Nine Worthy heads to outer space and back for his creative inspiration. He lives life brainstorming. Storms on Mars last for years apparently, so his tip is to be more Mars.

“Be always on, drink in your surroundings from the logo on a truck in the traffic jam, to the big bang display in the science museum and the award winning poster someone else created. Find out how they did it and learn from it.”

Being able to think creatively isn’t just the domain of the creative department, creativity as a skill is useful across every job spec. Sally Brockway, journalist, author and founder of WOW PR has some excellent advice:

“Stay curious. Read, watch, listen and learn because everything you experience in life will feed your creativity. Also, don’t overthink. The best ideas pop into your head when you least expect it. If you are really struggling, say to your brain ‘I really need a solution for X or Y’, then stop thinking about it and go for a walk or take 10 minutes to have a cup of tea and gaze out of the window. Nine times out of 10, an idea will emerge. Don’t worry if it’s not brilliant, it’s a start and you can always refine and rework it into something dazzling.”

Laura Lyon, researcher and trend expert at Laura Lyon Trends has figured out her formula.

“My best ideas usually come when I am not at a desk - walking in particular works well for me, and then I use a notebook or the notes section on my phone to brain dump ideas.”

Read all about at here: 🖤. If you ever need a keeno agency to help generate amazing ideas, do get in touch.

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