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Long live the magazine!

Actualizado: 11 nov 2020

Much like the debate over whether TV is dead, the magazine industry has been subject to a tale of doom for as long as we can remember. While the industry clearly needs to embrace digital wholeheartedly there’s a hunger for well crafted, niche print offerings.

At White Camino we love the sensation of flicking through a magazine, front to back or back to front whichever takes your fancy. Feeling the weight and finish of the paper on our fingertips, drinking in the photography and grazing through the headlines before carefully selecting a double page spread to devour, ideally with a fresh cuppa and a digestive.

It gave us great pleasure to lead the charge on redesigning ZOOM-IN magazine for our clients Abbas Media Law. We were brought in to drive the content strategy forward. The proposition was already compelling and researched impressively well. We reinvigorated the content pillars and lead the new look and feel with great care not to lose the much loved aspects of the magazine. It’s fair to say that it's an outrageously useful and entertaining read for anyone in TV production. Actually, for anyone who's interested in pop culture.

We are pretty darn pleased with the result. If you have a spare 5 mins check out the digital issue here if only for the POP BITCH quiz and Carolyne Faulkner’s astrology forecast on the back pages of Screen Break.

You are most welcome. Follow us here for more exciting White Camino action.

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