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When to stick and when to twist?

Times they are a changin'. After all these years, Bob is of course spot on [hats off if you needed to google that lyric] but what we’re seeing courtesy of the pandemic, is a mix of high speed change through enforced digital transformation and slower daily routines as lockdown limits our movement and our activities. As many of our 2020 plans lie on the cutting room floor, one thing’s for sure in 2021, we need to keep our eye on the prize. The ambition, the purpose or the why of the business is still vital whilst we react to every twist and turn that takes us in a different direction in the short term. It’s not dissimilar to our meerkat viewing habits. We have the big screen to binge watch more shows than ever whilst we scroll through our social feeds, online shop or whatsapp our mates for instant dopamine hits.

Finding your why

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the founders of Peggy Pictures: Ida Bruusgaard and Danni Davis, two good friends from Uni who have collectively spent over 30 years in the TV industry developing and creating all kinds of factual shows. They decided to go it alone to make the content they’re most passionate about and create the work culture they had always wanted.

They've been working full time on Peggy since May 2018. They produce compelling TV programmes, short form content and podcasts for young audiences, with a lightness of touch and a dose of cheek. Diversity and inclusiveness on and off screen is at their core and they clearly thrive on working with brilliant people who all bring something different to the party. Side note: check out Mimi on a Mission series on BBC iplayer.

“We love working with and telling the stories of young people because of their authentic and fresh perspectives on the world that inspire us everyday.” Danni Davis

Reviewing and refreshing the master plan was a key part of moving the Peggy Pictures brand on. But before going forwards we had to rewind a few beats and check in on what the business set out to do and if this had changed. Then fast forward to the legacy to figure out what they’d want to leave behind. Moving back and forth across the timeline sounds messy but it opens up fresh perspectives and ensures you cover every angle.

As part of this finding the why process, we pinned down their ambition to be about making the world a more understanding and tolerant place by creating well crafted stories told by talent who inspire, educate and connect. Now if that doesn’t deliver a tingle of excitement, we’re not sure what will...

Why bother finding your why - 4 good reasons

  1. It becomes a guiding light for all business decisions

  2. It helps attract and filter talent both employees and collaborators

  3. It’s motivational, a reminder that any business can be a force for good

  4. Your target audiences are more likely to become advocates if they believe in your why

When you have this down, the next step is all about articulating your brand and tonal values so you can start telling your story across all the consumer touch points and leverage PR. Peggy Pictures have just announced an exciting new brand identity to kick start 2021.

New logo design for Peggy Pictures
New branding from the brilliant Marco Ammannati for Peggy Pictures

Stick to your why and twist with your plans

The only certainty is uncertainty mantra is clearly here to stay. So our tips for survival are channel your inner entrepreneur, have a tenacious spirit, keep experimenting, find your allies and be generous. Try to plan to react and remember that failure is simply a different outcome. Or in short - be more Peggy Pictures.

If you'd like us to help find your why then drop us a line here.

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